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History Department Robinson Hall 35 Quincy Street Cambridge MA Phone: Email: [email protected] Sean Heelan's Blog Program analysis, verification and security.

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One of the classes I considered during my thesis was writebytes-anywhere style vulnerabilities. FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE. First Class Honours. Sheila Brown, Edinburgh Mathematics-Statistics Dollar Civil Engineering. Philip J. Heelan, Co Clare Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

Co Armagh Mechanical Engineering. Sean Wotherspoon, Carnoustie Civil Engineering.

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Third Class Honours. Sean Curran (University of California, Berkeley; Music) " The Motets of the 'La Clayette' Manuscript and the Pious Possibilities of Thirteenth-Century Polyphony" Jocelyn Dautel (University of Chicago; Psychology) " Development of children’s early reasoning about Catholic and Protestant group members in Northern Ireland".

May Reporter: Maureen Sparling. 17 May Chloe Heelan, Jason Heelan, Michael Hourgian, Calvin Hughes, Luke Leamy, Michael Leo, Adrian Mallard, Tyreke McNamara, Jason Sheehan, Amy.

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Bishop Heelan High School Class Of Alumni, Sioux City, IA