Hyperglobalist thesis

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Hyperglobalist argumentative essay

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The Ninth Wave in Globalization Researcher. (59): a sceptical approach, a hyperglobalist approach and the transformationalist thesis. Those who follow the sceptical line argue that internationalisation and global connections are by no means new phenomena.

The Three Waves of Globalization

The authors identify identify the perspective as:The hyperglobalist perspective,The skeptical perspective,The transformationalist lobalist authors describe the hyperglobalist perspective as an approach which sees globalization as a new epoch in human history.

In it there are three waves of globalization: The hyperglobalist view holds that we live during the "End of History" (Francis Fukuyama), where the "World is Flat" (Thomas Friedman), and the "End of the Nation-State" (Kenichi Ohmae) is at hand. The Hyperglobalist thesis (associated with figures such as Kenichi Ohmae) advocates that the world is now becoming borderless due to the heightened flow of goods, capital, labour and information technology (IT) that flow effortlessly across borders.

Nov 29,  · Best Answer: Hyperglobalist Perspective The authors describe the hyperglobalist perspective as an approach which sees globalization as a new epoch in human history. This new epoch is characterized by the declining relevance and authority of nation-states, brought about largely through the economic logic of a global phisigmasigmafiu.com: Resolved.

The Globalization Debate: The Sceptics Tadija Tadić∗ Summary: A devastating criticism of a ‘hard core’ argumentation, stemming from skep-tical authors, has strongly challenged an enthusiasm noticeable in most theoretical analy-ses of globalization, bringing to light many ‘darker sides’ of the globalization phenom-ena.

Hyperglobalist thesis
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Hyperglobalist argumentative essay