Doctoral thesis corporate governance

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Dual Career Training Programme to obtain a PhD in Governance and Policy Analysis (GPAC²)

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Internal Audit Quality: A Multi-Stakeholder Analysis ii Abstract This thesis investigates the concept of internal audit quality. The internal audit function (IAF) is a key component in an organisation’s corporate governance system.

Title of doctoral thesis: "Does corporate governance really matter? - Essays on the influence of management and stakeholer orientation on financial performance".

Professor Dr. Koch Chair of Corporate Governance and Auditing Logo of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Professor Dr.

The SAGE Handbook of Corporate Governance

Koch Chair of Corporate Governance and Auditing. relevant to ERC. Corporate governance as indicated by audit quality, audit committe— e expertise and independence, and board independence and board shareholding — mitigates the negative effect of default risk on ERC.

Phd Thesis Corporate Governance. phd thesis corporate governance Corporate Governance 1-Analyze the three internal governance mechanisms (ownership concentration, boards of directors, and Sinha, Rajeeva () Corporate governance: a study of the corporate governance of quoted firms in.

Corporate governance: The effects of board characteristics, information technology maturity and transparency on company performance, (), by Sinan Düztaş, Supervisor: Prof.

Dr. İ. Atilla Dicle, University: Yeditepe University, Graduate Institute of Social Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy.

Doctoral thesis corporate governance
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Phd Thesis Corporate Governance