Comparative literature thesis princeton

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Department of Comparative Literature

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To be happy you have a heading on this try to fill in the world blanks:. The Princeton Sourcebook in Comparative Literature is a wide-ranging anthology of classic essays and important recent statements on the mission and methods of comparative literary.

Department of Spanish and Portuguese East Pyne Princeton, New Jersey Tel: () | Fax: () | [email protected] Browse Princeton Catalog in Literary Criticism - Comparative Literature Browse Princeton's Subjects (by Author) in Literary Criticism - Comparative Literature Go to Listing by Title.

The Princeton Sourcebook in Comparative Literature is a wide-ranging anthology of classic essays and important recent statements on the mission and methods of comparative literary studies. This pioneering collection brings together thirty-two pieces, from foundational statements by Herder, Madame de Staël, and Nietzsche to work by a range of Price: $ The M.A.

in Comparative Literature requires 36 hours of coursework, including CL / Introduction to Comparative Literature and three additional courses in Comparative Literature on the or.

Comparative Literature A far-reaching scholarly enterprise that strengthens cultural connections among people and societies, and bridges disciplines by approaching literature and culture across a wide range of time periods, media and languages.

Comparative literature thesis princeton
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Department of Comparative Literature