A magnificent catastrophe thesis

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"A Mad Catastrophe finally brings some clarity to how the death of one Archduke, while admittedly tragic, could lead to the deaths of millions. Wawro's excellently written book, in chilling detail, explains all the frustrating and infuriating blundering.

Morty Lefkoe is president and founder of The Lefkoe Institute.

A Magnificent Catastrophe

He is the creator of a series of psychological processes (The Lefkoe Method) that result in profound personal and organizational change, quickly and permanently. The Russian poet Joseph Brodsky believed the impoverished gentry was “the class which is almost solely responsible for the emergence of literature everywhere”.

In this well-paced, finely crafted narrative, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Edward J. Larson turns his skills to one of the most closely contested and hi.


A Magnificent Catastrophe by Edward Larson provides a fast-paced, rip-roaring narrative of the Presidential election—arguably one of the most important in American history. At the start.

A magnificent catastrophe thesis
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